What Is a Healthy Alternative To Bread Crumbs?

April 26, 2021

Bread crumbs is a widely used food add supplementary material.It is mainly used for surface of fried food.It has extensive application in the restaurant. Now a lot of families to make the food will also prepare some bread crumbs, especially when making fried food. Crumbs has become a necessity.Bread crumbs of popularity is very high, is a kind of ingredients that are widely accepted by the public.

The main purpose of breadcrumbs is to protect the food from burning, and to give it a crispy, tender, juicy texture. What if we don't have breadcrumbs when we cook food?What are the healthy alternatives to breadcrumbs?

Here are some healthy alternatives to breadcrumbs:
1.Bread slices
Bread slices are the best substitute for making bread crumbs. When using, just cut the bread slices into small pieces and put them in the oven to dry. After cooling, use a food processor to crush them. The breadcrumbs made in this way are also very convenient to use. It is similar to the breadcrumbs bought in the store.

Cookies are also a good choice. Because the biscuits are relatively crisp, there is no need to bake them. Put the biscuits in the bag and seal them, then use a rolling pin to break them.

3.French fries
French fries are one of the most common snacks at home. It has a very rich taste and very crispy. Put the French fries directly into the food processor to crush them, and the specific thickness can be determined according to actual needs.

4.Breakfast cereals
Breakfast cereals are also a good choice for making breadcrumbs. Use oatmeal or corn flakes, crush them or put them in a food processor. This can be used as breadcrumbs.

5.Shredded coconut
The use of unsweetened is also used to wrap chicken or fish meat, etc., which can make the dishes more flavorful. The shredded coconut can be used directly when it is used, or the shredded coconut can be cut into small pieces using a cooking machine.

The above are some healthy ingredients that can replace breadcrumbs. If you need to use breadcrumbs urgently, these can provide you with great help. Make your cooking more delicious!

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There are many ingredients that can replace bread crumbs. It's just that their final taste may be different from the real breadcrumbs. But it might be another flavor!

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