What is an extruder in food processing?

May 10, 2021

Nowadays, the food processing industry has achieved rapid development. The advancement of science and technology has given us more opportunities to taste different cuisines. The use of some new technologies can make food change very much.Ordinary food materials will become unexpected new foods after being processed by various technologies.

Food extrusion technology is the most commonly used new technology in the modern food processing industry. Now many of the foods we often eat are made using extrusion technology.Such as pasta, breakfast cereals, baby food, bread, snack foods and even Pet food, etc.They all use extrusion technology in the production process. Extrusion technology can transform food into a more ideal shape for us to eat. And the taste will be richer.

Extrusion equipment is the application equipment of extrusion technology.So what role does extrusion equipment play in the process of food processing?

In fact, for snack foods and other foods, extrusion equipment is the most important equipment. If there is no extrusion equipment, it will not be able to produce delicious food.

The first step in making these foods is to grind all the raw materials into powder. And add other ingredients, such as salt and sugar, etc., to mix them evenly. After this operation is completed, these raw materials are transported to the extrusion equipment. When the raw material mixture enters the extrusion equipment, the high temperature will complete the cooking of the food and present a molten state. When the raw material is extruded from the mold, the pressure drops rapidly to normal pressure, the moisture is instantly evaporated, and the temperature drops to 80°C Therefore, the raw material becomes a food with a certain shape and porous structure.

Using food extrusion equipment will produce more high-quality food. Most of the snack foods we eat now are made using this equipment, and the use of snack food extruders is also the key for major manufacturers to increase profits.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer that can produce a variety of different types of food machinery, such as biscuit production lines, bread crumb production lines, and feed production lines. The company’s snack food production line uses extrusion technology Applied to the extreme.

The snack food production line has very superior performance and very high cost performance. Its quality and performance have reached the world's leading level. It enjoys a very high reputation in the world. Many well-known manufacturers have used this equipment. The snack foods produced are in With stronger competitiveness in the market, it has won numerous praises from customers. The price is unprecedented. It can be said that at the same price, it is difficult to find better quality than this production line.

The snack food extruder uses extrusion technology and has excellent performance. Nowadays, extrusion equipment has become the most popular equipment in the food processing industry. If you want to expand production scale and increase profits, extrusion equipment will be the key!

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