What Is Fish Feed Formulation?

May 7, 2021

Fish is the main body of the aquatic industry and has very important economic significance. At the same time, fish is also an essential nutrient that we need in life. The meat of fish is delicious, rich in nutrition, and its protein content is significantly higher than that of milk and eggs. It can supplement adequate nutrition for the body. Meanwhile, fish scales can also be made into scale soy sauce, calcium phosphate fertilizer, etc., which is of great significance to human beings.

The increase in the demand for fish also means the emergence of huge business opportunities. Now that more and more people are raising fish, the requirements for fish feed are gradually increasing. Nutrient-rich fish feed that can promote the rapid growth of fish has become a hot-selling feed. The quality of fish feed is determined by the formula, so what is the fish feed formula?
Fish feed is feed for fish. It is mainly composed of protein, fat, vitamins and mineral elements such as iron, selenium, copper and zinc. The content of nutrients required by different fish species will be different. But some of these nutrients are essential to the process of making fish feed.

Protein is an important nutrient for fish to survive, and an important component of the body's cells, tissues, and organs. The normal growth of fish requires a sufficient amount of protein in the feed, which is easy to digest and absorb. And it has a suitable ratio of various amino acids. Fat, especially essential fatty acids, are important regulators of fish immune response. Vitamins are essential nutrients for fish to maintain normal growth. They cannot be synthesized by themselves and need to be obtained from fish feed. At the same time, various minerals can effectively improve fish’s disease resistance. These nutrients are essential for the growth of fish.
The fish feed formulated with 21% cotton meal, 21% rapeseed meal, 8% peanut meal, 15% fish meal, 2% blood meal, 23% wheat bran, 6% secondary meal and 4% rapeseed oil is rich in protein and trace elements, etc.. It can fully provide the nutrients needed for fish growth, and then the feed production line can be used to make fish feed.
High-quality fish feed not only requires high-quality formulas, but also requires the use of high-quality equipment. The performance and product quality of the feed production line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has reached the world's leading level, which has brought extensive profit to many feed manufacturers. The entire production line has high production efficiency, low energy consumption. And it is easy to operate and maintain, and very practical.

As a high-quality manufacturer of food machinery, our biscuit production line, snack food extruder and baby food production line are all in the leading position in the industry. And they are exported to many countries and regions. If you need it, please contact us, we not only possess basic fish feed formulas, and also have professional fish feed formulas for different kinds of fish.
High-quality fish feed formulas need to be obtained through careful research and calculation. Ordinary people need to learn professional knowledge before making fish feed formulas. You can contact us, our fish feed formulas will definitely satisfy you!

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