What's The Difference Between Panko Bread Crumbs And Regular?

May 7, 2021

Bread crumbs are an indispensable ingredient in modern kitchens. They are mainly used to make a variety of fried foods, which can make fried foods have a crispy outside and tender inside. This also makes fried foods become one of the most popular foods. There are many types of breadcrumbs, and different brands of breadcrumbs also have certain differences. Each brand of breadcrumbs has its loyal customers.

Now the most popular breadcrumb brand should be panko. Panko breadcrumbs are also the first choice for many families. So what is the difference between panko breadcrumbs and ordinary breadcrumbs?

Panko has become mainstream in Western cooking, and it has been developed for many years in Asia. Panko breadcrumbs are drier than ordinary breadcrumbs and absorb less fat during the frying process. This makes fried foods better than fried foods made with ordinary breadcrumbs are healthier, lighter and crisper. Nowadays, panko breadcrumbs are becoming more and more popular. It is mainly used to make various fillings, burgers and fried foods.

Compared with panko breadcrumbs, ordinary breadcrumbs are thinner, and they are not as soft and flaky as panko breadcrumbs. When using ordinary breadcrumbs to make fried foods, they will look more like bread. There is a certain gap in taste, and more fat will be absorbed during frying, which is not very healthy for the body.

The reason why panko breadcrumbs can stand out from many brands of breadcrumbs is that the manufacturer fully takes into account the needs of the public during the production process. So the breadcrumbs can truly play its greatest role. Panko breadcrumbs use high-quality breadcrumbs production, which further guarantees the quality of the crumbs.

The breadcrumb production line is an important equipment for producing breadcrumbs. Only high-quality breadcrumbs production lines can produce high-quality breadcrumbs. And the taste will be richer, just like the breadcrumbs we made and the breadcrumbs purchased in the store. Just as there are great quality differences, the breadcrumbs produced by different equipment also have great differences.

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Fried foods made with panko bread crumbs will have a richer taste, and the use of bread crumb production line can produce high-quality bread crumbs similar to panko bread crumbs. If you need it, please contact us!

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