Which Preservative Is Used In Biscuits?

April 20, 2021

The demand for biscuits is rising day by day. As a kind of snack food, biscuits are widely welcomed. From the elderly to the children, everyone likes to eat biscuits very much.Cookies can not only play a role in the stomach and taste is very rich. Chocolate cookies, sandwich cookies and soda cookies, a variety of different flavors can meet the needs of the vast majority of people.

Although cookies are good but not suitable for eating more, cookies can also cause harm to the body. In the process of making the production, the biscuit is often added to the large amount of oil. And everyone will also find that the hands of the cookies usually leave the hand oil. It can be seen that the fat content and sugar content in biscuits are very high. It is bad for the human body. And we must strictly control the number of times when we eat cookies.

In addition, cookies are added to the preservatives, which are the main reasons why cookies can be saved for a long time. And the main preservatives have the following:

These two preservatives are commonly found in cereal products, and some manufacturers add them to crackers. Some laboratory studies have shown that they may cause tumors, which has alarmed many consumers. But they are still in use today.

Sodium benzoate
This preservative is one of the most widely used preservatives in many industries, such as cough syrup, carbonated soda water and hamburgers, etc. Sodium benzoate is the preferred preservative because of its water-solubility, colorless and tasteless nature. Some people believe that it has a certain connection with some DNA damage. But there is no solid scientific evidence for a link between the two.

Citric acid
Citric acid is a kind of very mild acid, is the best preservative to keep cookies, in prolonging shelf life and at the same time can also make cookies taste is more characteristic, at the same time to make cookies with a certain degree of acidity, eat more rich, it is for this reason that citric acid is usually not used for other types of cookies, but citric acid will not cause any harm to human body.

Although many people are very repellent, the preservatives are allowed to be added to the food, which is to be properly used and does not cause harm to the human body, so it is especially important to buy cookies made by regular businesses.

Loyal manufacturers will use the production formula in the production of biscuits when making biscuits. And the production formula is very strict, and it will never add substances that are harmful to the human body. And the biscuit production line method will be highly automated in production, reducing the quality of health care and making people eat more easily.

Whether it's a biscuit or another casual food, we should eat it in moderation when we eat. Only in this way can our body be healthier and let us taste more delicious food!

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