Are Extruded Foods Bad For You?

April 29, 2021

The issue of food safety is an issue that is of great concern to people all over the world. The rapid development of technology has brought changes to our diet, but also brought certain harm. Although many foods taste better after being processed, the lack of various nutrients in the food is a very obvious problem.

Extrusion technology is one of the specific manifestations of the development of the food processing industry. The use of extrusion technology can produce many unexpected foods, such as snack foods and so on. So are these squeezed foods harmful to humans?

Let us first understand what extrusion technology is.

Extruded food is also called puffed food, burst food, light food, etc. It is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years. It uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials. Through the processing of the puffing equipment, a wide variety of foods with exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crisp and delicious are produced. Therefore, a new type of food is uniquely formed. Due to the simple structure of the equipment for producing this puffed food, easy operation, low equipment investment and fast income, it has developed very rapidly. And it showed great vitality.

Food extrusion technology can maximize the retention of nutrients in the raw materials. In the cooking stage of high temperature and short time heating and extrusion, the degradation of heat-sensitive food nutrients is minimized. At the same time, the digestibility of protein and starch is improved. Some unhealthy enzymes such as anti-nutrients and microorganisms are destroyed, which is beneficial to the human body.

However, extruded foods are high-fat foods. Long-term consumption not only causes obesity, but also affects appetite. Secondly, some leavening agents are added during the production of extruded food. The main ingredients are alum, sodium bicarbonate and so on. Alum contains aluminum that is not required by the human body. Once the human body takes in too much aluminum, it will affect health. Finally, some extruded foods contain saccharin, which is a sugar substitute of chemical compounds, and is a food additive rather than a food. In addition to causing a sweet sensation on the taste, it has no nutritional value to the human body.

Therefore, although the extruded food tastes very good, it is not suitable for us to eat in large quantities. Nevertheless, squeezed food is still popular among the public. Due to the low investment in the snack food production line, the profit is high. Therefore, many manufacturers have been attracted to produce extruded food.

We Loyal can provide manufacturers with high-quality snack food production lines. We have many years of experience in R&D and production. Instant noodle production line, baby rice noodle production line and bean meat machine are sold at home and abroad. For manufacturers, the snack food production line is the best choice if they want low investment and high return. Moreover, the highly automated production method does not require manual intervention, and the production cost is greatly reduced.

Food extrusion technology is a manifestation of technological progress. But all kinds of extruded foods are not very healthy and can only be eaten as snacks. If eaten in large amounts, it is very harmful to our health.

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