What Are The Advantages Of Extrusion?

April 29, 2021

If the food industry wants to have greater development, it must make changes in production methods and production efficiency. This requires manufacturers to use some more advanced food equipment. Especially in today's continuous emergence of this technological  wave. When new food machinery emerges, manufacturers who seize the opportunity mean seize the business opportunity.

Snack food production line is such a device. The emergence of this production line has brought new business opportunities to many manufacturers. Among them, the extrusion technology used in the extruder has significantly improved the quality of food, which has been widely welcomed by the public. Nowadays, extrusion technology is also more and more widely used in the food industry.

Do you know the advantages of extrusion technology?

As a manufacturer of food machinery for many years, we have many years of research and development experience. Through our research, we found that the main advantages of extrusion technology are as follows:

1. High production efficiency
In the modern food processing industry, high production efficiency means that a broader market share can be obtained, and thus a higher market profit can be obtained. Automatic production can be realized by using snack food production line, and the production efficiency is very high.

2. Low production cost
Because the equipment can realize automated production. Therefore, without manual intervention, labor costs can be greatly  reduced. And production costs can be effectively controlled. At the same time, after many experiments, our engineers have fully reduced the production cost of the equipment while ensuring the quality of the equipment. This makes the device has a low price.

3. Little nutrient loss
Different from traditional production methods, the use of extrusion technology can retain the nutrition and taste of the raw materials to the greatest extent. And it will not brown the raw materials, which will make more customers like it.

4. Variety of food shapes
The extrusion equipment only needs to change the shape of the mold to produce a variety of different shapes of food, such as tubular, flower-shaped, heart-shaped, triangular, and star-shaped. It can provide manufacturers with more choices.

The use of extrusion technology can bring many advantages to the manufacturer's production. The above are just a few of the most significant advantages. We are a professional food machinery manufacturer, and we have deep research on various food machinery such as baby rice noodle production line, instant noodle production line and snack food production line. We have applied extrusion technology to the mechanism, and the equipment has been sold at home and abroad, and has been well received by many customers.

We can provide our customers with the most complete service. You can contact us if you have any questions, and our engineers will answer you. At the same time, you can also tell us your needs, and we Loyal can produce the most suitable equipment for you.

Extrusion technology is a manifestation of the progress of the food processing industry, and the use of snack food production lines will obtain higher quality production. We will work hard with our customers and look forward to making greater contributions to the food processing industry!

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