How are snack foods made?

August 30, 2021

Snack food is a new type of food that is very popular with the public. Many people like to eat it very much. It is the best choice for our daily leisure and entertainment. Nowadays, the snack food market is very wide and the demand is very high, which brings great development opportunities to food processing plants.

In the course of many years of operation, we have achieved good results, but in order to further expand the market, we decided to use more advanced equipment, and finally decided to use the Snack Food Production Line.

The snack food production line has become a device used by many well-known companies. It is well-known in the industry and has a very good evaluation. Therefore, we want to use this production line to improve our production efficiency and production quality.

The snack food production line is composed of a mixer, a feeder, a conveyor, an extruder, an air conveyor, an oven, a seasoning machine, and a packaging machine. The coordination and cooperation of various equipment can meet the needs of food processing plants in all aspects of processing and production. Improve the quality standards of food processing plants.

How are snack foods made?

The main raw materials for the production of snack foods are corn, rice flour, flour, salt, sugar, vitamins and minerals, etc. When producing snack foods, these raw materials must first be formulated according to the formula, add an appropriate amount of water, and mix well in a mixer. .

The mixed materials are conveyed into the extruder and extruded under high temperature and high pressure. The snack foods of different shapes can be produced by changing the mold, and then these foods will be conveyed into the oven for high-temperature baking for leisure. The water in the food is quickly lost, forming a more crispy taste, and effectively extending the shelf life.

Next, the snack food will be transported into the seasoning tube, add salt, sugar and other seasonings, quickly stir evenly, make the food into different flavors, and then pass through the cooling line for cooling, which can prevent the snack food from returning to moisture after packaging. It can effectively prevent the packaging bag from being scalded by high temperature, and it is more convenient for transportation.

Finally, the packaging machine is used for packaging, so that the production and processing of snack foods is completed.

When producing snack foods, every piece of equipment in the production line is very important and plays a very important role in its own position. But for our food processing plant, you can use the entire production line or customize one of the equipment with the manufacturer, which is very convenient. And after a period of use, we found that the snack food production line has significant advantages and is very suitable for our use.

Advantages of snack food:

  1. Fully automated production method, high production efficiency.
  2. Stainless steel material, easy to clean, high sanitary standard, not easy to damage,
  3. Compact structure, small footprint.
  4. It can process a variety of snack foods with a wide range of applications.
  5. Low energy consumption in the production process, no pollution, no waste, and low production cost.
  6. The operation is simple, 1-2 people can control the operation of the entire production line.

During the operation of the snack food production line, it can meet our processing needs, and can also assist us in producing some brand-specific foods, which will help us increase our popularity, so we decided to use the Snack Food Production Line for a long time.

This production line can satisfy us both in terms of quality and production effect. I believe that more high-quality equipment will appear in the food processing industry in the future and make greater contributions to the food industry!

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