How do you bake biscuits?

June 11, 2021

The biscuits are delicious and can help us replenish our stamina and improve our immunity during special periods. At present, there are many types of biscuits, and the methods of making biscuits of different types are quite different. The method of making biscuits in the home version is simple and easy to learn, and baking has gradually become a hobby of people.
 So How do you bake biscuits?
The current way to make bake biscuits in the home version use the oven to make biscuits. And most of the biscuits on the market made through Biscuit Production Line equipment.
1. Here is a brief look at the steps to bake biscuits in the oven.
Using the oven to bake biscuits is the most convenient and simple method of operation. Before you plan to use the oven to bake biscuits, you need to prepare the ingredients for making biscuits.

  1. Raw materials: low-gluten flour, butter, eggs, sugar, salt;
  2. After the butter has softened at room temperature. Add sugar and salt and beat with a whisk until it is even and smooth (no need to beat).
  3. Divide the egg liquid into the butter three times. And use a whisk to stir evenly. Each time the egg and the butter are combine and then adde again.
  4. Put the dough on the chopping board and roll it into a dough sheet with a thickness of about 0.3cm, and use a mold to carve out various shapes of dough sheet;
  5. Place the cut noodles in the oven, put them in the preheated oven, and make them in 15-20 minutes;
  6. Finally, pour the butter into the mixture of starch and flour. You can grab it evenly with your hands or use a tool to help you mix the butter and starch together like a dough to obtain biscuit powder.

The above is a simple way to make biscuits. If you like baking and love biscuits, you can try making them at home. In addition, another biscuit making method made by Biscuit Production Line equipment. It is the choice of most food manufacturers.

2.How does Biscuit Production Line produce biscuits?

Biscuit Production Line manufacturing process:
Flour mixing-soft biscuit molding-biscuit baking-oil spray-biscuit stacking-cooling and sterilization-biscuit packaging

  1. Mixed materials
    Mix the raw materials of wheat flour and sugar;
  2. Shape
    Add the prepared dough to the feed hopper of the roll forming machine. Under the conveyance and squeeze of the feed trough rolls. The material enters the mold of the roll and is compacted. A relatively neat bottom surface of the biscuit blank form. As the mold roll rotates further down. The biscuit blanks touch the horizontal canvas conveyor belt. And demoulded under the action of rubber demoulding roller. Biscuits can be of different shapes and styles, and different sizes can be changed by changing the mold of the machine, such as round, square, heart, triangle, flower, etc.;
  3. Bake
    Because the soft biscuit recipe contains more oil and sugar. The adhesive force in the dough is small. Therefore, the moisture in the dough easily evaporates. Therefore, the baking process of short biscuits usually adopts the baking process of "higher temperature, shorter baking time".
    In actual production. The appropriate baking temperature depends on the hardness and size of the biscuit blanks. The temperature at the front of the oven is 250~280°C. The temperature in the central zone is 220~240°C. The back zone temperature is 180~200°C. At this baking temperature. Baking time is 5 to 6 minutes;
  4. Fuel injection
    Spray oil on the surface of the baked biscuits to make the biscuits more beautiful and delicious;
  5. Heat dissipation
    The surface temperature of the freshly baked biscuits can reach 180°C, and the temperature of the middle layer is about 110°C, which must be cooled to 38-40°C. Due to the low content of sugar and fat in the ingredients, the holes in the biscuits are large, the hard biscuits are easy to crack and the final product is broken. During the cooling process, forced ventilation cannot be used to prevent the temperature from falling too fast and the transportation environment is too dry. The product will break during storage and needs to be completely cooled and kept at room temperature as low as possible;
  6. Packaging
    It needs to completely cooled. And as close to room temperature as possible. Waiting for products below 45°C and their packaging boxes, and packaging them with an automatic biscuit packaging machine.
    The technological process of biscuit production line equipment is provided by the top three automated food equipment technical articles in 2021.

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