How much does a biscuit factory cost?

July 9, 2021

Biscuit is a food made of cereal flour or bean or potato flour as the main raw material, with or without adding sugar, fat, and other raw materials, through blending, molding, and baking, etc. It is a prevalent food with a crispy taste and full of sweetness. Biscuits occupy almost the most places in the field of snack food in major supermarkets.

The market demand for cookies continues to increase, thus bringing huge profits to the industry, which has attracted many people to engage in the biscuit industry. Opening a biscuit factory would be the most direct way to gain high profits, so do you know how much it would cost to open a cookie factory?

How much does a biscuit factory cost?

As shown in the professional technical article Top 10 Biscuit Production Line in Sales in 2021, biscuits are important in the baking industry. They have become a common consumer food for people from all walks of life, so opening a biscuit factory is profitable. After considering the cost of raw materials, space, labor, and equipment, you may need to spend around $100,000, based on an annual production capacity of about 500 tons of biscuits.

  1. Plant Costs

When setting up a biscuit factory, the most important thing is to find the right biscuit factory. This cost is a big expense, and it is recommended that you choose a location in the suburbs. Not only does it not affect your sales, but you can also find lower-cost labor. A biscuit factory with an annual production capacity of 500 tons requires about 800 square meters, and the rental price may vary from region to region.

  1. Cost of raw materials

For a factory with a large production capacity, it is necessary to store some raw materials properly, which is also a considerable expense and requires you to invest in the early stage. The raw materials you need in a year of production are about 350 tons of wheat flour, 100 tons of sugar, 60 tons of vegetable fat, 8 tons of liquid glucose, and other raw materials such as yeast, milk powder, coloring, flavor6ing, and packaging materials.

  1. Labor cost

Labor cost is also a considerable expense in the production of biscuits, including management, production workers and sales staff, etc. They will only work if they are paid reasonably. You need to set up a reasonable job department and coordinate all the staff to minimize the labor cost.

  1. Equipment cost

The equipment used by the manufacturer is one of the critical factors that determine whether the manufacturer can be profitable. Quality production equipment should achieve a high degree of automation, long service life, high productivity, high quality of the biscuits produced, low investment, fast results, and other properties.

The Biscuit Production Line is a very well-known product used by many famous cookie manufacturers and has provided them with a very high quality of production and helped them gain more loyal customers. The production line has been exported to Singapore. Today the line has been exported to Singapore, Canada, Pakistan, and India, causing quite a stir in the region.

The Biscuit Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel. It is equipped with internationally renowned branded accessories, a PLC control system, a highly automated production method, and a self-cleaning system that is easy to operate, clean, and durable. The production line can also produce many different types of biscuits, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda biscuits, and chocolate biscuits, which are very versatile.

Based on the above four primary investments and some contingencies, you can invest around $100,000 in a biscuit factory. Of course, if you want to open a small biscuit factory, your investment will be much lower.

If you want to open a highly profitable biscuit factory, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the most cost-effective equipment and advice and look forward to working with you!

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