The Cereal Bar Production Line Has Many Advantages

March 9, 2021

Cereal bars are flaky and bar-shaped products. At the same time, they are made of oats, rice, corn. And other grains can also be the main raw materials. At the same time, they are bonded with high-viscosity syrup. In addition to the main raw material grains, nuts, dried fruits, candies. And chocolate are also added to the product. Besides, Cereal bars are now very popular snack foods and breakfasts. At the same time, they have a large consumer market. At the same time, cereal bars are made by a cereal bar production line with many advantages.

Introduction of Cereal Bar Production Line:

Cereal bar production line is fully automatic. Because it has mixing, extruding, core filling, shaping, cutting, drying, flavoring to finish products(after packaging). At the same time, cereal bar production line has features of flexible collocation, extensive applied raw materials. So it can make many shapes snacks and easy operation.

Parameters of Cereal Bar Production Line:

Machine material Stainless steel
Production 200-1000kg / h
Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Power 5.5kw
Size 8000 * 1200 * 1500mm

Besides, size can be customized according to requirements.


Features of Cereal Bar Production Line: 

1.The shapes produced can be various. Such as round type, round bar, square type, semi-circle type, triangular type and blossom type;

2.Mechanical soft pressure will not damage nut particles. Because it is with more elegant molding. At the same time, direct mould pressing and molding can be free from rework. So it saves materials cost and wastes;

3.The whole machine is in mechanical transmission instead of pneumatic pump.

4.Converter with high performance is equipped. So it makes speed regulating more convenient, efficiency high and performance stable. At the same time, 24-h successive production in high speed is accessible;

5.Besides, all the links contacting the goods are the nonpoisonous and harmless materials. And then, they are oil and high temperature resistance;

6.Besides, the length of the cooling conveying links can be changed. Otherwise, cooling fan can be equiped based as requirement


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