What are baby food stages?

May 13, 2021

For new mothers, it can be said that they are unable to feed their babies. The babies are very fragile and the gastrointestinal system is not fully developed. There are many things to pay attention to in diet. In addition, the baby grows very fast. It is necessary to make changes in the diet at different times to help the baby grow up better. What are the stages of the baby's diet?

There is no clear standard for the baby’s dietary stage. Generally speaking, it can be classified as follows:

The first stage: 4-6 months
The second stage: 7-8 months
The third stage: 9-12 months
The fourth stage: 12 months later

At different stages of the baby's diet, the baby needs to eat different foods. I believe that most mothers believe that the softer the food, the better the baby will absorb it. In fact, this view is not correct!

When the baby is 4-6 months old, pure breastfeeding can no longer meet the nutrition that the baby needs for growth. At this time, we should start to add some complementary foods to the baby. When a baby comes into contact with real food for the first time, he should start with rice noodles or crushed mashed food. Mothers can make their own or go to the store to buy. The diet at this stage must ensure that the food is very bad, so that the baby can better absorb nutrients.

But as the baby grows, too soft food will affect the baby’s teeth and chewing muscle development. Therefore, when the baby is 7-8 months old, you should start to change the complementary food, and start to increase the complementary food from rice paste. A little grainy. You can gradually transition to solid food at 9-12 months, and you can eat solid food directly after 12 months.

To put it simply, it is the changing process of meat puree-meat pieces-meat pieces, or fruit puree-fruit slices-fruit pieces. This process allows the baby to absorb the most comprehensive nutrition, and also allows the baby's mouth and teeth to get The best development.

Muddy food is the best transition for babies to come into contact with fresh food. Therefore, the demand for muddy food is very large. And because of the increasingly serious food safety and quality problems, high-quality muddy food has become the object of trust for mothers.

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Babies need different complementary foods at different stages of their diets. Adhering to the correct feeding method can make the baby grow up better. If you want to know more, please contact us!

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