What Are Extruded Snacks?

April 29, 2021

Snacks have become an indispensable existence in our daily lives and have always occupied half of the food industry. Among them, puffed foods can be said to be one of the most popular snacks. And their crispy taste is delicious. Although puffed food is very common, do you know what puffed food is?

Puffed food uses cereals, potatoes, beans, etc. with less moisture as the main raw materials. After pressurization and heating, the volume of the raw materials is expanded. And the internal structure of the food is changed. It is a kind of snack food produced through processing and molding.

When the raw material is placed in the extruder, as the heating and pressurization proceed, the moisture in the raw material is overheated. And the raw material itself becomes soft. When it reaches a certain high pressure and opens the expander cover, the high pressure quickly becomes normal. At this time, the overheated water in the raw material vaporizes instantly and explodes violently. The water molecules can expand by about 2,000 times. The huge expansion pressure not only destroys the external shape of the raw material, but also breaks the inner part of the raw material. The molecular structure of the insoluble long-chain starch is cut into water-soluble short-chain starch, dextrin and sugar. So the insoluble matter in the puffed food is reduced, and the water-soluble matter is increased.

Due to different uses and equipment, there are three types of puffed foods: one is a snack food produced with an extruder and corn and potato as raw materials. The second is to use an extruder to produce structured protein foods, such as soy nuggets, using vegetable protein as raw materials. The third is to use cereals, beans or potatoes as raw materials, which are made into staple food after puffing.

No matter what kind of puffed food, it has brought tremendous changes to the food processing industry. And it provided us with a richer choice of food. Puffed food has become one of the most popular foods, which has brought a huge business opportunity for many food manufacturers.

Snack food production line is needed when making puffed food. This production line has low investment and high efficiency, which is the best choice for manufacturers to obtain higher profits. We are a food machinery manufacturer with many years of R&D and production experience. Our instant noodle production line, baby rice powder production line and bread crumb production line have always been in the leading position in the industry.

The snack food production line is one of our most popular equipment. The production line is of high quality, low price and high cost performance. It has long service life and extremely low failure rate. The highly automated production method can greatly reduce production costs and is the most profitable equipmen for manufacturers.

Puffed food is one of the most popular snacks, but it is worth noting that puffed food should be eaten in moderation.

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