What Are The Methods Of Feed Formulation?

May 6, 2021

With the rapid growth of the world’s population, the demand for food is also increasing. In order to meet these needs, various nutritional products will be sold on the market. The breeding industry has become an important source of our diet. The breeding of sheep, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. is becoming more and more common, all of which are caused by market demand.

The prosperity of the feeding industry means that the feed industry is also very prosperous. Feed can provide sufficient nutrition for animals and ensure the healthy growth of animals. There are many types of feed, and the quality is also uneven. High-quality feed uses reasonable feed formulas. Many manufacturers want to obtain high-quality feed formulations, so what is the method of feed formulation?

It is worth noting that a good formula can not be obtained by simple calculations. First, you should know the nutritional requirements of the animal, including protein, mineral elements, fat, sugar, vitamins, etc.. And then according to the various feed ingredients, the nutritional value contained in it is proportioned.

When formulating feed, you must first have feeding standards. Different animals and different physiological periods require different nutrients. Each country has "Animal Feeding Standards". These established standards must be found when configuring feed. After calculating the nutrient requirements, determine the feed ingredients that need to be used. Different feed ingredients contain different nutrients. The final raw material addition amount is calculated according to the nutrients contained in the raw materials.

For professional feed manufacturers, trial-and-error, linear programming, and computer formulation methods are usually used to make feed formulations. And then you use the feed production line to start making feed. Theoretically, the feed formulation contains 76% corn, 20% soybean meal, and 4 additives. %, other wheat bran, rapeseed meal and peanut cakes can be replaced with proper amount.
The feed production line is a very important equipment in the production of feed. It can reflect the quality of the feed to a certain extent. A high-quality production line will allow the feed to obtain higher quality and retain the nutrients of the raw materials to the greatest extent during production.

As a professional food machinery manufacturer, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has very rich experience in feed production lines. The production equipment is sold at home and abroad and enjoys a very high evaluation. The production line is novel in design, simple in structure, easy to install and operate. And we have the advantages of wear resistance and long service life. The feed produced is of very high quality. At the same time, the company’s biscuit production line, baby food production line and bread crumb production line And so on are of high quality.

For ordinary users, as long as they have mastered certain knowledge and skills, they can also design formulas according to their own feed and feeding conditions to solve the needs in production. And the feed production line will be our best helper in the production of feed.

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