What can you use instead of egg to bind breadcrumbs?

May 11, 2021

Bread crumbs are an ingredient often used in our kitchen. They are mainly used on the surface of fried foods, such as fried chicken and onion rings. Fried foods made with bread crumbs are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They are delicious and delicious. Widely welcomed by the general public. The main reason that bread crumbs are used in fried foods is that bread crumbs can relieve the scorching of food and make the taste of fried foods richer.

When making fried food, breadcrumbs, flour and eggs are indispensable raw materials. The main function of eggs is to make the breadcrumbs stick to the food tightly. If the eggs are gone, what should we use instead? Does the egg allow the breadcrumbs to give full play to its effect?

As long as we understand the main role of eggs in making fried foods, we can easily find its substitutes. Since it is mainly used for adsorption, the first substitute we can use is butter. After the butter has melted, brush gently onto the ingredients, being careful not to brush too much oil.And then just wrap it in breadcrumbs.

Another way is to use starchy water to make a batter, and then put the ingredients in and roll around. This will stick the breadcrumbs very well, and the taste is also very good. It really realizes that the outside is crispy and the inside is tender. Effect. In fact, this method is also the most commonly used method in many shops when making chicken chops and fried chicken.

In addition, you can also use yogurt or milk. Because dairy products are relatively viscous, they can stick to the crumbs very well. If you think it is too viscous, you can add water to dilute.So that you can make a delicious Fried food too.

Bread crumbs play a very important role in making fried foods, and fried foods made from different bread crumbs have different tastes. Therefore, high-quality bread crumbs have a very broad market.

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The method of making fried food is the same, no eggs can be replaced with a variety of other ingredients, as long as we dare to try, we can always find more unexpected ways to make food!

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