Does soya chunks contain meat?

May 13, 2021

The problem of dietary health has become a widespread concern. More and more people are beginning to realize the harm of meat products to the human body. Although we can obtain a large amount of protein from animal meat. It will also absorb a large amount of fat and Cholesterol, etc., will put a heavy burden on our body. Therefore, foods that can not only supplement protein for the human body .But are also very healthy have become the most popular foods.

Soybean nuggets exist in this way. Soybean nuggets are very similar to animal meat in appearance.And they also have the taste and tenacity of animal meat. The protein content is rich, even higher than the protein content of animal meat. And it does not contain Fat is a very healthy food. Many people use soy nuggets instead of animal meat. Soy nuggets also calls"artificial meat". However, many people doubt the ingredients of soy nuggets. It tastes so similar to meat. Does it really contain no meat?

In fact, soy nuggets are really not adds with any meat. It is a pure vegetarian food, so vegetarians or people who lose weight can eat it with confidence.

Although soy nuggets have a flavor and texture similar to animal meat. They are made of vegetable proteins. Such as soy protein and wheat gluten as the main raw materials. They are formed into meat similar to meat through thermal processing .It includes extrusion cooking and other modern food processing techniques. The texture and taste of the product, through Maillard reaction to form a flavor similar to animal meat. The raw materials of soy nuggets are mainly soybean products, so they have high nutritional value. Eating more can provide good nutrition.

Soybean nuggets replace the traditional, greasy, fishy pork and poultry meat.It can reduce blood cholesterol, enhance disease resistance. And it has a better edible health care effect on hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

It is precisely because the soybean block does not contain any animal meat ingredients. It is very healthy and widely welcomed by the public. Now the market demand is very large. And the soybean meat machine of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. can be used to make nutrition. Rich and mellow soybean nuggets.

Our soybean meat machine has very superior quality, made of high-quality materials, wear-resistant and long-lasting, stable operation, self-cleaning ability.It is easy to clean and maintain, and can produce a variety of different shapes of soybean nuggets by changing the mold. It is very extensive. Now we exported the equipment to many countries and regions such as Canada, Singapore and Brazil. In addition,people are all well receive our biscuit production line.They also like our baby food production line and bread crumb production line .

As a vegetarian food, soy nuggets are very healthy and do not contain any animal meat ingredients. You can eat them with confidence. Substituting soy nuggets for meat can bring us a healthier lifestyle. It is worth trying!

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