What Happens During Extrusion?

April 30, 2021

The rapid development of the food processing industry has brought great changes to our lives, making our diet more colorful. In the food industry, extrusion processing technology has become one of the most commonly used technologies. This technology can produce a lot of food. For example, the casual puffed food we usually eat is made by extrusion technology.

The taste of casual puffed food is very different from other snacks, which makes it a unique type of snack. So what happens when the extrusion technology is used to make the food taste so unique?

Food extrusion technology is a special process, usually carried out in a twin-screw extruder. During the extrusion and cooking process, the raw materials can reach 180-200°C, but the residence time at high temperature is extremely short, so it is also called high temperature and short-term process. The cooking process can make starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, food digestibility and fast food increase, and at the same time can destroy most of the anti-nutritional factors and toxic ingredients in the raw materials. So the extrusion processing method has become one of the important cereal food processing methods .

The general process of its processing is as follows:

The food raw materials are mixed according to different formulas. And after pretreatment, they enter the extruder and are kneaded into a viscous and plastic dough under the action of the rotation of the screw. Then they continue to be sheared and heated. A certain pressure is generated under the control of the head, which results in starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, enzyme inactivation, and reduction of microorganisms. Finally puffed foods with different shapes are produced.

All the steps in the extrusion process can be completed within 5-10 seconds, and the efficiency is extremely high. And the produced puffed food can form a porous structure, which can greatly improve the digestibility, fast-food, and mold-killing rate of the food. The nutritional damage to food can be minimized.

Using the snack food production line can maximize the effect of extrusion technology and efficiently produce a variety of high-quality leisure puffed foods. Our company is a professional food machinery manufacturer. With many years of experience accumulation, our instant noodle production line, soybean meat machine, baby rice powder production line, etc. are well-known at home and abroad, and have a high level of quality.

Our snack food production line is very cost-effective, and it is the first choice of many manufacturers. The entire production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The highly automated production process does not require manual intervention, which can ensure the food quality to the greatest extent. We can also provide customized services for major manufacturers. If you have special needs, you can contact our engineers and they will provide you with the best solution.

Extrusion technology is a huge advancement in the food processing industry. It has brought delicious snack food to our lives. Using a snack food production line will provide you with the most comfortable production and processing work!

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