What type of chicken feed is best?

May 14, 2021

Chicken breeding has become more and more common. This is mainly due to the improvement of our living standards. And the rapid increase in demand for chicken and eggs. Therefore, more and more manufacturers have begun to raise chickens. Chicken feed is very important when raising chickens. High-quality chicken feed can allow chickens to reach their selling weight within a few months. For manufacturers, they can see returns faster. Therefore, the demand for high-quality chicken feed is also very high now. Big.

There are a lot of chicken feeds on the market. If you want to obtain high profits when raising chickens.You must reduce the cost of raising chickens. The biggest cost in the process of raising chickens is chicken feed. Therefore, manufacturers are looking for high-quality and cheap chickens. Feed, so which chicken feed is the best?
There are three types of chicken feed: complete compound feed, concentrated feed and additive premix.

It is a full price compound feed that is formulated with a variety of feeds and additives according to nutritional needs. It can be fed directly without adding any feed during use, which can meet the needs of chickens for metabolism and various nutrients.

Additives made into concentrated feed. Such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, growth-promoting or disease-preventing drugs, mineral feeds containing calcium and phosphorus, protein feeds and salt. It is a semi-finished product. In the concentrated feed, except for the energy index, the concentration of other nutrients is very high. When using it, follow the instructions and mix it with energy feed such as corn, wheat bran, etc. to obtain nutritious chicken feed.

Additive premix feed is a feed product with a small proportion in compound feed and a great effect.It includes vitamins, trace elements, synthetic amino acids, non-nutritive additives, etc. It is an important part of concentrated feed and complete feed. Composition.

The most convenient to use these three feeds is the full price compound feed, which can be fed directly to chickens. The lower price is concentrat feed. It requires us to further formulate it before feeding.And the additive pre-mixed feed is an indispensable feed. Although the proportion is small, it is very important.

Therefore, as to which feed is the best, this cannot be the same. Full-price compound feed is theoretically the best, but we still have to decide according to our own situation and local conditions.

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The choice of chicken feed is very important. It is best to choose according to your own situation. As long as you feed reasonably, you can get rich returns in the industry!

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