Which crop is used for cattle feed?

May 14, 2021

Cattle play a very important role in our lives. In the agricultural era, the cattle's hard work and grievance have made great contributions to our food cultivation. In modern life, with the improvement of the mass economy. The demand for milk, beef, and food is increasing. The higher the cattle, the importance of cattle only increases. There are more and more manufacturers of breeding cattle. And the quality of cattle feed has become the most important link that affects the growth of cattle.

The ratio of cattle feed is very complex . High-quality cattle feed requires professionals to obtain comprehensive calculations. Although some of the raw materials account for very low proportions.The impact is very large. If the number is slightly lower. It may greatly affect the growth of cattle. The growth of it has a very big impact. Various crops are the main raw materials in cattle feed. So what crops are in cattle feed?

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. pointed out that the crops in cattle feed are as follows:

It is the main raw material of concentrated feed. It is containing a lot of carbohydrates. And it has low crude fiber content, good palatability. And it contains high phosphorus content. Commonly used crops include corn, sorghum, barley. It also uses oats, millet, rice, etc.

The cow feed, which is mainly potato.It has a high starch content. Accounting for 80% of the total material, easy to digest, low protein content, and low digestibility. Commonly used potatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.

The crude fiber content is moderate and the digestibility is high. It commonly uses Rice bran, bran, millet bran, etc. .

It has high crude fiber content, large volume, wide sources, low cost, convenient collection, simple processing, and low nutrient content. Commonly used are green hay, crop stalks, husks and leaves.

The above are several commonly used crops that are added to cattle feed. Secondly, some pastures, leafy vegetables, rhizomes, etc. It will be added to supplement cattle. Only nutrient-rich cattle feed can enable cattle to reach the market standards in the shortest time. And high-quality feed production lines can maximize the retention of the nutrition of the raw materials.

The feed production line of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is of high quality . And it has low price. It has a high cost performance. The quality of the whole machine is stable. And the use time is long. And the highly automated production method can achieve high-efficiency and high-quality production. The cattle feed produced is comprehensive and nutritious. It has good palatability. And it is the trusted feed of many breeding manufacturers.

We can provide customers with the lowest price . And it has the highest standard of quality. Customers can use the lowest input to produce a variety of high-quality and inexpensive feeds. We have also helped many manufacturers to open up the market .And obtain very broad profits. In addition, our The biscuit production line, baby food production line and bread crumb production line all have good sales.

There are many kinds of crops added to cattle feed. These crops can promote the growth of cattle. The feed production line can provide manufacturers with the greatest help. If you need it, please contact us!

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