When Should Baby Stop Eating Purees?

April 22, 2021

The most important thing for babies is diet.A good diet can promote the growth and development of the baby. The baby’s diet usually transitions from breast milk to fruit puree and finally to lumpy food. Every step is indispensable.This is the most suitable for the baby to grow the food needed to. Using the baby's feeding way can help develop good eating habits.

When the baby is 4 months old, he should eat some puree foods. For example, puree, vegetable puree and baby rice noodles, etc. Mud-like food can help exercise your baby's chewing ability, drive the activity of the mouth muscles. And it can lay the foundation for future speech. At the same time, allowing babies to properly taste the taste of various foods can effectively reduce the probability of babies being picky eaters. So it is very necessary to give the baby mud food at 4 months.

Baby began to eat muddy food when 4 months, so how old when should stop eating muddy food?

Different types of food should be eaten at different stages, so that your baby can grow more healthily. When your baby is about 10 months old, you should start to transition to solid lumps.Of course, you need to take the right approach during the transition. Otherwise, the baby may not be able to accept the change in diet.

Because the baby before eating is relatively thin mud food. So in the baby transition can slowly increase the viscosity of the food, until it becomes a completely solid food.It is also possible to use a food grinder in the baby food process instead of a food blender. It will make the food granules larger.

Or muddy food mixed with some ground food is also possible.In addition, you can also directly eat some steamed carrots or bananas for your baby. So you don't need to dilute these foods with formula milk powder.

At about 1 year old baby can directly eat some block solid food. But it should be noted that the puree food is not completely inedible at this time.And some mud-like foods can also be appropriately added to the baby's daily diet. Because at this time the baby's teeth have not yet grown, eating only solid food will cause certain damage to the baby's gums.

Our Loyal company provides professional baby rice noodle production line for the public. The whole machine adopts food grade stainless steel to ensure the hygienic condition of baby food. Let more parents rest assured.The highly automated production mode can also provide the highest production efficiency for manufacturers. After all, production efficiency is the most competitive factor in the rapid development of science and technology.

At each stage of the baby's growth there is the most appropriate diet. We should follow the scientific way of feeding.At about 10 months, you can gradually stop feeding the puree food, until the baby's teeth grow out, you can eat only solid food!

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