Which Crop Is Used As Cattle Feed?

April 22, 2021

Cattle breeding is always an important link of animal husbandry. Whether it is beef cattle breeding or dairy cattle breeding, it is closely related to our lives. In cattle breeding, the selection of the feed is a very important one step. A good feed can give cattle the best growth. For beef cattle, high-quality beef can be obtained in a short time. For dairy cows, high-quality feed can make the milk produced with rich nutrition and a mellow taste.

Cattle feed is mainly divided into coarse feed and concentrated feed. Because cattle are ruminants, roughage can effectively stimulate cattle to ruminate.Although the nutrient content is relatively low, it can make the body feel full. The main raw materials are hay, straw and other crops. In order to supplement the cattle with sufficient nutrition, they must be fed with some concentrated feed. Then which crops are used in the concentrated feed?

Feeds with a crude fiber content of less than 18% in dry matter are collectively referred to as concentrated feeds. In order to make the nutrients in it complete, a variety of different raw materials are used in the concentrated feed. The main crops have corn, sorghum, barley, oats, rice and other grains, which can provide sufficient energy for the cattle.

In the meantime,we will also add various bran bran, such as wheat bran, corn peel, bran, rice bran and so on. Secondly, some ingredients such as soybean meal, peanut meal, rapeseed meal, cotton seed meal, sesame cake, sunflower seed cake, maize germ cake and so on. Finally, some trace element additives are added to escort the growth of cattle in an all-round way.

A variety of crops will be used in cattle feed. And the proportion of these crops will be different. According to the different breeds of cattle, different ratio of raw materials can be appropriately  selected. So this can maximize its effect.

High quality cattle feed needs not only high quality raw materials, scientific formula, but also professional production equipment.Our Loyal company can provide professional feed production line for manufacturers. It has very high production efficiency and production quality. It has highly automated production mode without unnecessary manual intervention. And it can produce a variety of different specifications of cattle feed. This allows manufacturers to obtain the highest return with the lowest production cost.

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There are strict requirements for crop addition in cattle feed. In order to allow cattle to grow to a satisfactory effect, it is very necessary to choose scientifically formulated cattle feed.Our cattle feed production line will provide you with the best quality cattle feed!

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