How to make good corn flakes?

November 15, 2021

Whether for the pursuit of health or to save more time, corn flakes are an ideal food. Now more and more people are starting to eat corn flakes. Corn flakes have become a kind of food that can be consumed globally. The new breakfast cereals accepted by the readers.

Corn flakes are very convenient to eat. They only need to be brewed with milk. They have a crispy texture and taste very delicious. Many consumers want to know the specific methods of making corn flakes, so how do they make corn flakes? What about?

How to make corn flakes?

Corn flakes has a long history of development, and today it has already possessed very advanced production technology and formed a complete production process. The production of corn flakes needs to select high-quality raw materials, and then make them according to the ingredients, extrusion and curing, cutting and forming, pre-drying, pressing, high-temperature baking, sugar spraying, drying, cooling, and packaging.

Nowadays, the production process of corn flakes has been widely circulated. Most manufacturers use such a process. If manufacturers want to improve their production quality, they must work hard on the equipment, only equipment with more advanced performance. In order to produce higher quality corn flakes.

The specific production method of corn flakes:

First, you need to select high-quality raw materials according to the corn flakes formula, add salt, vitamins and minerals and other trace elements, and then add an appropriate amount of water to mix well in a blender. The quality of the corn flakes formula will greatly affect the quality of the corn flakes. Taste.

After that, a twin-screw extruder is needed to squeeze and mature the raw materials. This step is the most critical step in the production of corn flakes, which will directly determine the final quality of the corn flakes. Although the production process of the equipment is roughly the same, the advanced degree of extrusion technology is the key to determining the quality of the food produced by the manufacturer and the market size. Corn Flakes Making Machine will be your ideal choice.

The extruded material needs to be cut into corn flakes of the same size with a cutter, and then pre-dried with a dryer, which can effectively prevent the corn flakes from sticking together, and then press the corn flakes with a tablet machine .

At this point, the corn flakes are basically formed, and then the corn flakes are transported into the oven for high-temperature baking, so that the corn flakes lose moisture, which can make the corn flakes more crispy, and can effectively extend the shelf life, baking temperature and time Adjustable.

Due to the increasing demand of consumers nowadays, it is necessary to spray the corn flakes with sugar, spray a layer of sugar mist or chocolate, etc., to give the corn flakes a special flavor. Of course, this step is optional and the spraying is completed. After that, the corn flakes need to be dried again to dry the sugar mist on the surface.

Finally, the cooling line is used to quickly cool the corn flakes, which can effectively prevent the moisture from returning after packaging and affect the taste of the corn flakes, and then use the packaging machine for packaging, so that the corn flakes are produced.

Corn Flakes Making Machine is a well-known new type of food machinery in the industry. It has the most advanced extrusion technology in the world and can provide manufacturers with the most advanced corn flakes production technology, so that the corn flakes produced by manufacturers can reach the leading level in the industry. This production line has reliable quality, high degree of automation, and simple operation. It is a reliable choice for manufacturers.

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