Why Is Biscuit Production Line Necessary?

September 6, 2022

Cookies are one of the most popular snacks in the world. They are made with flour, sugar, baking powder and butter. In the UK and Australia, biscuits are usually served with tea or coffee. In the US, biscuits are eaten with gravy or fried chicken. Cookies are super easy to make and require very few ingredients. However, production line processes must be highly automated to maintain quality and consistency.

The main reason why biscuit production lines are needed is because they increase the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process. This is done in a number of different ways, such as:

Reduced labor costs: Automated processes reduce labor, thereby lowering the cost of labor-intensive operations such as cleaning machine parts and packaging products. Labor cost can also be reduced by eliminating certain manual tasks, such as after each batch of product is produced on an assembly line setup, all tasks are performed sequentially instead of simultaneously at each station of the assembly line setup, all tasks are performed on the assembly line settings are executed simultaneously. A person or group of people execute tasks simultaneously at each workstation (called a batch).

The biscuit production line has advanced technology and reasonable design.

A production line can produce different kinds of biscuits. The equipment has high degree of automation, low energy consumption, small footprint and simple operation.

The biscuit production line includes the following main parts: mixing system, extrusion system, cutting system, shaping system, drying system and packaging system.

The mixing section uses a twin-screw extruder to mix all raw materials together. The output of the extruder is high, and the quality of the finished product is uniform.

The extrudate is cut into pieces using a high-precision, low-power cutter. Molded parts are evenly dried in an infrared oven, saving energy up to 50%.

The biscuit blocks are automatically packed by an automatic packaging machine, which can meet different requirements for packaging materials and packaging design according to customer needs.


Why do you need a biscuit production line?

The biscuit production line is very important for biscuit manufacturers to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Biscuit production line can be divided into two categories: automatic biscuit production line and semi-automatic biscuit production line.

The biscuit production line includes ovens, packaging machines and other auxiliary equipment. The whole process of biscuit making includes four steps: mixing, shaping, baking and cooling. In addition, there are mainly two types of biscuits, one is baked biscuits and the other is fried biscuits.

Baked biscuits are made from flour, water, oil and other ingredients, and baked in a 300-degree oven for 15 minutes or more until they come out of the oven with a golden brown color and a crispy texture. Fried biscuits are made of flour, water, oil, butter, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, cream, butter, etc., and are fried in oil at 160 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes until they come out of the fryer to a golden brown color with a crispy texture.

By purchasing this production line, you can directly communicate with professional engineers to obtain customized solutions.

The production line consists of two sets of machines, a set of advanced biscuit processing machines and a set of auxiliary equipment.

The main machine includes: biscuit cutting machine, cutting machine, forming machine, packaging machine and automatic control system. Auxiliary equipment includes: water heating device, air conditioning device, electric control cabinet, etc.

The whole process of the production line is automated, with low labor costs and easy maintenance.

The biscuit production line includes: Mixing, pre-extrusion, extrusion and drying. The main raw material is flour. The pre-extrusion machine is used to grind the flour into small particles. Then the flour will go through the twin screw extruder, which will form a paste of high viscosity with certain amount of water content. The extruded paste will go through a set of heaters and dies to make various shapes of biscuits. These biscuits are then dried by hot air or infrared radiation until they reach their final moisture content (about 10%).

With the innovation of technology, there are many advanced designs available for your reference.

Biscuits are a kind of food which is widely consumed by people in different parts of the world. It is also known as biscuits or cookies. The biscuit is made from flour and milk powder, sugar and butter etc., which are baked under high temperature and pressure until it becomes hard.

Biscuit production line consists of several important parts such as biscuit making machine, cooling system, packing machine and so on. The biscuit making machine includes kneading machine, rolling machine and cutting machine etc., which can produce the biscuit with excellent quality if it is used in professional way. Nowadays there are many professional manufacturers who produce various kinds of biscuit making machines which are widely used in different industries like food processing industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry etc..

Biscuit production line is very important for biscuit manufacturers.

Biscuit production line includes biscuit dough making machine, biscuit moulding machine, biscuit cutting machine and other auxiliary machinery.

Biscuit dough making machine is used to make the dough from flour, fat and water. It mainly includes flour mixer, mixing tank and mixer. The mixing tank can be used for mixing fine or coarse powder to meet different needs of the products. And the mixer has several functions such as grinding and kneading. After mixing well by this machine, we can get the final dough product with good quality and even moisture content.

Biscuit moulding machine mainly consists of two parts: forming section and shaping section. In forming section, biscuits are formed into different shapes such as triangle shape or semicircle shape etc., while in shaping section they are cut into suitable sizes according to customers' requirements.

Biscuit cutting machine is used to cut biscuits into different sizes according to customers' requirements such as square shape, half circle shape etc., which can meet different applications in supermarkets or restaurants etc..

The automated and efficient production line can not only ensure the effectiveness of the factory operations, but also ensure the consistent high quality of the company's products. Biscuit making is a difficult process to automate, so most factories will be semi-automated. Nonetheless, it is important to implement production lines capable of fully automating production when and where necessary.

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