How Do You Make Bread Crumbs Stick Without Eggs?

April 30, 2021

The appearance of bread crumbs makes our diet richer, especially when making fried foods. Bread crumbs are one of the essential ingredients. The breaded meat will be firmer, showing a crispy texture on the outside and tender on the inside. A light bite is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. This wonderful texture strengthens the position of the breadcrumbs.

When making fried foods, we usually use egg liquid to wrap the breadcrumbs tightly on the meat. But did you know? Eggs are not the only option. If we happen to have no eggs in our home, we can use some other substitutes to make the breadcrumbs coat the meat.

Milk Or Yogurt
Pour an appropriate amount of milk or yogurt into a bowl, and then soak the flour-coated meat in it. And then roll it in the breadcrumbs. So the breadcrumbs can be easily glued to the meat. If you think the yogurt is too strong, you can also add a small amount of milk to dilute the yogurt.

Olive Oil Or Melted Butter
If the use of milk or yogurt will bring a certain taste change to fried foods, then olive oil or melted butter can perfectly avoid this problem. Dipping the meat in the oil can effectively make the meat sticky, so that the breadcrumbs can better coat the meat.

Starch Slurry
Pour a little corn starch or wheat starch in a bowl, add water and stir to make a puree. Then you can dip the meat into the starch slurry, so that it can be well wrapped when it is wrapped in breadcrumbs.

The above are three ways to use breadcrumbs without eggs. If we don’t have eggs in our home or are allergic to eggs, these three methods can give you more choices, each of which can make breadcrumbs play to its maximum effect.

When making fried foods, you can have no eggs but no bread crumbs. It can be seen that the bread crumbs are very useful. The high-quality bread crumbs are made using the bread crumb production line, which can make our fried foods more delicious.

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