How Do You Set Up a Feed Mill?

April 30, 2021

Livestock breeding and poultry breeding have become very important links in modern society. Through the breeding industry, meat, eggs, milk and other foods can be provided to the public to protect our health. The prosperity of the aquaculture industry has brought many related industries into a period of prosperity, such as the feed industry.

Nowadays, farmers have great requirements for the nutritional balance of feed. The scale of the animal feed market is also gradually expanding. As long as the feed mill can maintain the quality of the feed, it is easy to expand the market size. The huge profits of the feed industry also attracted a large number of participants. Establishing a feed factory is an effective measure for profit. So do you know how to build a feed factory?

Setting up a feed factory is not as difficult as it seems. It only requires us to have clinker business knowledge, a united team, a suitable site, a reliable raw material supplier and high-quality equipment to start our feed processing plant.

First of all, before we are ready to build a feed factory, we must fully learn some knowledge about feed and do market research. Research what type of feed is most popular with farmers, what is the price of feed that farmers can accept, and so on. Lay the foundation for what type of feed to make in the future.

The second is to find a suitable venue, which mainly depends on the size and inventory of the equipment. After determining the venue, we need to apply for relevant certificates, such as legal business permits and so on. Only by handling these relevant certificates can our production and operation go more smoothly.

During this period, we should look for some reliable raw material suppliers. Negotiate the price with them and store some raw materials in advance. There is no need to store too many raw materials in the initial stage of plant construction. The storage scale can be expanded after the subsequent operation is stable. At the same time, some relevant workers must be recruited to clarify their positions.

The most important thing is to buy equipment. Equipment plays a very important role in our production. High-quality equipment can help manufacturers obtain more high-quality customers with the highest production efficiency and production quality.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer with many years of production experience in this field. The biscuit production line, baby food production line and bread crumb production line produced by the company all have a high level of quality, second to none in the industry. The feed production line is also one of the company's best-selling equipment. High cost performance, superior performance, high output, small footprint, low investment and high return, it is the first choice of many manufacturers. Using this production line can get twice the result with half the effort.

When everything is ready, it can be put into production. Finally, just sell our feed. You can make your own website, or communicate with local shops and farms, and so on. As long as the feed quality is reliable, there will be loyal customers.

The above are the steps to establish a feed factory. If you are interested, then take action!

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