How Does a Biscuit Production Line Work?

April 30, 2021

Biscuit is a crispy food made from wheat flour as the main raw material, adding sugar, fat and some other raw materials, through the process of powder adjustment, forming, and baking. With the increasing demand for food and the development of technology, the types of biscuits are now more abundant. For example, butter biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda biscuits and chocolate biscuits are always in short supply.

Mechanized production has become the norm in the food processing industry. The biscuit production line can quickly produce many types of high-quality biscuit. So how does the biscuit production line actually operate to achieve such a high level of production?

The first equipment of this production line is a flour mixer. Put the required raw materials into the mixer to achieve fast and uniform mixing. Then the next step is the work of the biscuit forming machine. The biscuit forming machine will cut the mixed dough into the desired shape. There are many shapes to choose from, such as square, round, heart, etc.

Next, these formed biscuits are transported to the oven. After it is cooked, the fuel sprayer starts to work. The fuel injection machine will spray the biscuits evenly. This can increase the brightness of the biscuits, improve the aesthetics and improve the taste of the biscuits. At this point, the biscuits are made. Next, the cooler will quickly cool the biscuits. Because hot biscuits cannot be packaged, it will not only reduce the taste of the biscuits, but also damage the packaging bag. Therefore, cooling is very necessary.

The last step is to use the packaging machine for packaging. The packaging efficiency of the packaging machine is very high. It can realize automatic weighing, automatic edge banding, etc., and realize standardized production.

The above is the working process of the biscuit production line. Several devices are indispensable to cooperate with each other, so that they can exert their maximum value.

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The biscuit production line can produce many different types of biscuits, which can be used for a lifetime. If you need it, welcome to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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