How Extruded Snacks Are Made?

April 30, 2021

Technology has brought tremendous changes to our lives, and the food processing industry is also suffering a huge impact. The emergence of new technologies has brought more different kinds of food to us. Extrusion technology is a technology often used in the snack industry now. Squeezed food has a rich taste and is very popular in the snack world.

So how are extruded foods made?

The production method of these extruded foods is very simple. And it requires preparation of raw materials and production equipment. The raw materials are mostly wheat, corn, rice flour, oats and barley. The production equipment is Snack Food Extruder Machine, which mainly includes mixers, extruders, cutting machines, frying machines, seasoning barrels, coolers, packaging machines and other equipment.

When making, first put the raw materials into the mixer. And you can add some nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. The mixer can achieve uniform mixing with fast mixing speed and no leakage. After mixing, the conveyor will transport these raw materials to the extruder. The extruder can squeeze the raw materials into the required shape and size through the die. You only need to change the mold to produce a variety of different shapes of snacks, such as horns, triangles, circles, squares, and flower shapes.

If necessary, the extruded snacks can be transported to the cutting machine. This equipment is mainly used for snack foods and can be used for embossing food. Foods that need to be fried can be transported to the fryer for frying. Then transport it to the seasoning machine. The equipment can mix various seasonings on the surface of the food to make the food taste richer.

Next, the finished food is transported to the cooler for cooling. After the food temperature drops, it can be packaged. The packaging machine can realize automatic packaging, with very high weighing accuracy and extremely small error rate. In this way, the squeezed snack is finished.

The above is the specific production process of extruded food. Snack Food Extruder Machine played an important role in this process. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer. The Snack Food Extruder Machine it produces is sold at home and abroad, with reliable quality and low price, and is welcomed by many manufacturers.

The most important thing is that the production line has high production efficiency and does not require manual intervention. The small footprint can help manufacturers effectively reduce costs. The whole machine is easy to install and maintain, and has a high degree of automation and intelligence. No pollution, the extruded food produced is of high quality. At the same time, the company's baby food production line, bean meat machine and biscuit production line are all well received.

Leisure squeeze food is the food that we often eat in our daily life. Snack Food Extruder Machine is a high-quality equipment for producing this kind of food. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. always strives to improve the level of the food processing industry. With the efforts of scientific researchers, I believe that all kinds of food machinery will be even better!

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