How Do You Make Soy Meat At Home?

May 6, 2021

As a vegetarian food, soy meat has been widely welcomed by the public. Because the concept of healthy eating is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, everyone realizes that meat products are not friendly to our health. And soy meat can be used as a perfect substitute for meat products. soy meat is a food made from soybeans as the main raw material. Although it is a vegetarian food, it has a meaty taste and nutrition.

The main nutrition we get when eating meat products is protein, but meat products contain high fat and cholesterol content. Excessive consumption will cause many health risks. The protein content in soy meat is also very rich, with protein per 100 grams of soy meat. The content is more than 50%, and the fat content and cholesterol content in the soy meat is very low. It is a high-quality food to help us supplement nutrition!

Soy meat is a healthy food for modern people. When we are at home, how should we make soy meat?

It is relatively simple to make soy meat yourself. First, you need to prepare an appropriate amount of soybeans, put them in a container and soak them in water for a whole night. You should pay attention to let the water soak the soybeans, and you need to cover a lid. After soaking overnight, boil the soybeans in a pot filled with water for about 2 hours until the soybeans are completely cooked.

After the cooked soybeans are crushed with a spoon or a rolling pin, and mixed with some brown rice. They are then made into lumps or balls by hand, and then brush some oil on the baking tray. And you put the prepared soy meat bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, so that the perfect bean meat is done.

If you want a richer taste, you can fry some garlic cloves, onions, carrots, and celery. Then you should mix them with beans and bake them in the oven, so that they will taste richer.

It is easier to make soy meat by ourselves, but there will be a certain taste difference with the soy meat purchased in the store. The soy meat in the store is made by a soy meat machine, and the preparation method is more professional.

Soy meat machine is a professional food machinery that can efficiently produce many types of soybean products. Now that soy meat is emerging, this equipment has become a popular equipment that many manufacturers are vying to buy. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of soy meat machines. With many years of research and development experience, and it has a pivotal position in the food machinery industry.

The bean meat machine we produce runs smoothly, with low energy consumption, long service life, and high output. Customers can get the highest return with the lowest investment. The most important thing is that the machine can realize automated production without the need for professional and technical personnel to operate. At the same time, we can provide installation and use guidance and other help to solve all worries for customers.

The soy meat produced by the soy meat machine has a rich taste and complete nutrition. If you make it yourself, you can use the above preparation methods. The soy meat is a perfect substitute for meat products and the best choice for us to ensure our health!

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